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Joan T. Randall is the President and CEO of Joan T. Randall Enterprise LLC. She is an International Speaker, Award-winning Best-selling Author, Business Consultant, and Independent Publisher. She is Certified in Speaking, Coaching, and Publishing. 

Under the umbrella of Joan T Randall Enterprise LLC are the following branches: Victorious You Press Publishing Company and Joan T Randall Ministries.  

OUR BUSINESS MODEL: We offer Coaching, Consulting, and Independent Publishing Services. We created the “Book to Business and Beyond Academy,” a mastermind group focused on teaching the strategies of leveraging books to build a business with multiple income streams. 


Empowering individuals to activate their power and operate with a limitless growth mindset to positively impact their spiritual, financial, health, and relational wellbeing to live an abundant life. 

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To fulfill the call of God on my life.


Being committed to helping others experience the love of God


Teaching individuals how to grow in their faith​​



​Leading with love to win souls for the kingdom




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Join a community of authors who network and support one another. Imagine a community of like-minded individuals who are aspiring authors and authors who have already written their books coming together for everyone to be successful. We are building a private Facebook community that will allow us to support one another. Your book will be selected for our community to download and purchase. It will also be added to our book club directory. We invite you to join us as we build generational wealth and legacies.




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I want to say thank you to Mrs. Joan Thaxter-Randall for an awesome opportunity to write my first book. I never would have thought in a million years that a little ole country girl would have written her own book. I thank you for your labor of love through this entire process. I thank you for the zoom meeting that we had every Tuesday. They were so informative. The Q&A were very helpful. Our accountability partners were awesome. You were always there when we needed you Mrs Joan. I'll always be grateful to you. You've taught me how to put my Pain on paper and make it plain. You've taught me that no one knows your story better than you. Mrs. Joan you have moved me in other areas that you have no idea. God had a plan and he made it plain. You gave birth to a powerful 30-day challenge in the pandemic. I am so glad that I was one of the babies that made it through. Thank You for a wonderful journey.

Love you to Life

Belinda Lowery

I met Joan about 8 months ago when I was presented with an opportunity to be part of an anthology with nine other women. Joan’s company is publishing the book. During this process, she has provided us with training to get a better understanding of the writing process. Her training was very insightful and full of good information. Because I was already connected to her through the anthology, I was able to see her advertisement for the 30-Day Write your Manuscript Challenge. Over the last few years, I had started putting different events of my life on paper. When this opportunity was presented to me, there was no way I was not going to take advantage of it. We just completed the 30 days and it was awe-inspiring! Although I had heard some of the information in previous training with her, the knowledge that Joan and her team was indescribable. Had I not met Joan, I would still be thinking about finishing my life story. Because of Joan, my story has come full circle. I am in the process of finishing my life story and plan to have it published this year! Joan, THANK YOU for your willingness to share your craft with so many others! THANK YOU for being selfless with your gift! THANK YOU for pushing me, guiding me, and inspiring me to step out of FAITH! You have made an impact on my life! THANK YOU!!   

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Delisha Webb

I first saw Joan T Randall about 2 years ago on Facebook, and she was part of a group of women I had been following at the time. I would see her posts and videos, I even commented a few times, but I wasn’t really listening. So, fast forward to January 2020, I was scrolling on Facebook and there she was again, and I said let me see what this woman is talking about today. It turns out that she was doing a 31-day devotional for the month of January. Her words that day struck a nerve in me and caused me to take a long hard look at myself in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw. She encouraged me to get back into my journaling, (that was part of the challenge), and most importantly, she re-introduced me to The Holy Spirit and my faith in God that I hadn’t embraced in a long time. She reminded me that no matter what I was going through (and it was a lot at the time), no matter what I needed and sometimes wanted, it was all there. Everything I had prayed for had already been given to me and all I had to do was listen. That day I listened and I’m so glad I did. She reminded me that I am significant, I am supplied, and I am selected! I have grown and evolved so much since that day, and I will always thank God for placing her in my path. I know I was meant to meet her and the clarity, joy, and peace that I gained was a direct result of participating in her devotion because I would have continued to languish in self-doubt and self-pity and God’s purpose for my life was in jeopardy.

So, all of that being said, I want to thank you Joan T Randall for all that you have done and will continue to you. I thank you for the role you played in the transformation of my life, and I’m honored to have met you.

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Angela Mitchell

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